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Ready to Renovate? 3 Essential Pre-Start Tips for a Stress-Free Home Renovation Project

Embarking on a home renovation project like renovating a kitchen or a bathroom has the potential to transform your home. However, without proper preparation, it can quickly become overwhelming. To ensure your renovation goes smoothly, here are three crucial steps to take before the first hammer swings.

1. Clear out the space

Why it's important:

Efficiency: This task can save your contractors time and shorten the total length of the project

Safety: Removing furniture and personal items can make it safer for both your family and for our renovation team

Damage prevention: Our team takes significant precautions before starting work including installing temporary dust abatement barriers, as well as floor and wall coverings where it makes sense. However protecting your belongings in advance will make things a lot easier as things are moved out of the way

How to do it effectively:

Consider investing in temporary storage solutions like plastic totes, taking advantage of a spare room, or consider renting a storage unit temporarily

Think hard about how you pack personal belongings similar to preparing to move to a new house. Label boxes, and take photos of the before condition if you want to recreate it

2. Decide on and ideally buy finish materials

Why its important:

Avoiding delays: Having materials like tiles, fixtures, and even paint ready to go prevents lead times to secure the finish materials you want

Budget control: Purchasing materials in advance can help you shop around for deals and not get backed into a corner with rushed decisions

Tips for material selection:

Samples and swatches: Many vendors will provide free or very cheap samples that you can bring home to see what materials would look like. Some more advanced online companies will now even let you upload a photo of your space and render a material to show you what it might look like

Consult with our team: While many contractors do the bare minimum, our team is there to help, providing measurements, and guidance for what we see has worked well on other projects

3. Budget for the unexpected

Why it is essential:

Unforeseen things will come up: While our team are super heroes, we unfortunately don’t have X-ray vision. That means that when walls are first opened up it can sometimes reveal underlying issues including moisture, rot, outdated wiring, or other concerns. We pride ourselves in always informing customers when things do come up, and providing guidance based on our experience for what we would recommend to fix the problem

Cost fluctuations: While our contracts guarantee pricing for your work will not change, material costs can vary and having a buffer for these changes can help manage these to keep your project moving smoothly

How to budget for an upcoming renovation:

Add a contingency fund: Financial experts often recommend setting aside 10-20% of your project cost as an additional contingency

Stay on top of costs: During a renovation little things can add up. Review your expenses often and compare it to expectations before the project to ensure things are in line and changes are accounted for


Starting any home renovation is a significant undertaking that requires thoughtful preparation. BY preparing your space, making decisions about what you want the end result to look like, and partnering with the right renovation contractor you can turn what could be a stressful event into an amazing home transformation!

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